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Countdown to Gameday: 3 Days

Every day leading up to the Whitlock-titled 'Armageddon at Arrowhead', I am going to simply post my thoughts on the game. You know, the biggest Border War of all Border Wars. Well, at least the biggest one that takes place on a football field, the death-driven "Border War" of the Civil War Era probably had a bigger impact on humanity in general. But maybe not, college football is quite the rage now in America. And this is the biggest game of the year. But I digress...

First off, I want to provide some background on this season. This was supposed to be Misery's breakthrough season, their emergence as a Big 12 North power, a possible New Year Days-bowl at the end of the season. Nebraska was going to be their biggest obstacle, and they got them at home. But here comes Kansas. We had a possibility to make noise at the beginning, what with our easy schedule and all, but we were supposed to fade away like the Kansases of old. But we kept on winning, and following Boomer Sooner's victory over the Tigers we continued to look over the Tigers' shoulder, out-doing the Tigers in the season they are supposed to be out-doing the world.

I set the benchmark for this season at 8 wins, anything above that would be considered a success by the vast majority of the Kansas Jayhawks. We have already surpassed that mark, posting an 11-0 record.

So here we are again, the underdog, undefeated Jayhawks overshadowing the Misery Tigers. If we lose on Saturday, I will be very pissed off and, most likely, pretty devastated. But that feeling won't last long, the season-long list of accomplishments overshadows any possible negative feelings following one game.

Even a game with this much at stake. Because even if we lose Saturday, and almost everything else goes wrong, we will likely be playing in the Cotton Bowl. Holiday Bowl at worst. A great accomplishment for the Kansas football program, especially a program that is widely expected to be even better next season.

So, basically, go ahead and worry about Saturday's game. Discuss ways to win, how we might be exploited, enjoy everything that people tend to do leading up to big-time games like this. But don't let it ruin your Thanksgiving weekend, our season overrides any possible negative feelings that may stem from one game.

Yes, even KU-MU.