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Border War Here We Come

Finally, we are here. For weeks we have had an eye on the Border War, always trying to not get too caught up in the hype. After all, we are in uncharted waters here at Kansas and the national media was just waiting for our ship to sink. But it wasn't to be. In the year where everyone lost, we didn't. In a year where 11,968 teams lost while ranked in the Top 5 (all of them to unranked teams), we haven't.

And except for one little slip-up, in Norman no less, the Misery Tigers have done the same. Yeah, I know, one loss is a helluva lot different than zero. But this is the year of the loss, of the upset, of whatever you want to call it, and even after Boomer Sooner's second falter on the road against an unranked opponent, Misery's loss is the best out there for all of the one-loss teams. It was on the road, against what is most likely the most talented team in the country. No shame.

All of this has made watching Misery scores incredibly weird. I wanted Misery to lose, sure, I'm not exactly a fan. But, on the other hand, my #1 key is to root for what is best for the Kansas Jayhawks. And Misery continuing to win could only benefit Kansas, as it will if we beat them November 24. No matter what people try and tell you, if we beat Misery we will have one of the best wins in the country of a MNC contender. And we will be the only BCS-conference undefeated. An automatic shoo-in to the MNC, as long as we don't lose to stupid Boomer Sooner in the Big 12 Championship game. That would really suck.

So let the hate begin. Hate, hate, hate. It will all be settled on the field, at Arrowhead Stadium, November 24th. And some stuff will be decided in the stands, I have the over-under on fights at 20.5. I mean calling-security magnitude fights. Not loud disagreements.

It will be the #2 team vs. the #3 team in the BCS. The biggest game of the year in college football, at least at the moment of kickoff. I don't care that it is Misery-Kansas, if this is Michigan-TOSU (like it was last season) this game is hyped so much you would think it had something to do with the Patriots.

So here we have it, the stage is set. #2 vs. #3 in the BCS. Reesing vs. Daniel for the Heisman race. Battle for the Big 12 North Title. Mangino vs. Pinkel. Battle for a MNC slot, as long as the winner takes care of business in San Antonio.

But more than all of that, it is the Border War. You can talk as much as you want about other rivalries in college football and how they are better, Auburn-Alabama, Michigan-TOSU, you name it. Every other rivalry (save Navy-Army) pales in comparison to the history of Kansas-Misery. These two towns went as far as to kill innocent women and children in the opposing state in the Civil War. Columbians, led by Paul Quantrill, even burned down all of Lawrence. This is serious stuff folks, and after hours and hours of tailgating full of alcohol sink in, fights will abound both before the game in the parking lot, during the game in the stands and around the stadium and, especially, after the game in the parking lot. Serious, serious fights. College Gameday is coming to town at Arrowhead Stadium, which will air from 9-11 AM local time. The game doesn't start until 7 PM local time. You won't even be able to enter the stadium until 5 PM. That leaves a helluva lot of time for tailgating, which means lots of alcohol.

So if you go to the game, stay safe. Alcohol + angry fans of rival schools = fights aplenty. Try and stay out of them, especially with arrogant Misery fans.

I hate Misery.