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Open Game Thread: Game #11 Iowa State (3-8) @ #3 Kansas (10-0)

We are going to go over the 'Thursday Night Preview' really quick right here. The last time we beat Iowa State was last year in Ames, 41-10. In what is probably the most important game of the Mark Mangino era, pre-2007, we last beat the Cyclones at home in 2005. We lose that game, we don't make a bowl that year, and if we don't make a bowl Mangino might not be here right now. Scott Webb with the game-winning FG. Best moment in the Mangino era before this season, the season chock-full of tremendous moments.

OK, we are one game away from a winner-take-all matchup in the Big 12 North in Arrowhead. Well, as long as Misery holds up their end of the bargain and beats the 'Cats in Manhattan. I want Misery to lose, I always do, but I won't be nearly as pissed off if they win today. Part of me wants to see them win, I want to beat three consecutive Top 5 BCS teams to prove to the country how 'real' we are. So many people still believe that we have yet to play 'anybody', and while partially true, you obviously haven't watched any more than 5 minutes of Kansas football if you are still not convinced. Today's game is regionalized, just like last week's, meaning that I won't be able to see it. I won't be paying $30 this week just to see it live, I will be following it on the radio/Gamecast and watch a replay on ESPNU. I will be in-and-out here at the open thread on RCT, feel free to join me as we watch our Jayhawks dismantle the Cyclones.

Who: Iowa State 3-8 (2-5) AT Kansas 10-0 (6-0)
When: 2:30 PM Central
Where: Memorial Stadium (50,071)
Blogosphere: Clone Chronicles

TV: ABC -- Regional Broadcast
Preview: KC Star

3 hours to game time...