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Open Game Thread: Game #3 : Washburn (0-0) @ #4 Kansas (2-0)

Here we go, here we go, here we go again.

Tonight is the possible comeback of Brandon Rush, depending on Coach Self's decision, but it will also be our first game without Sherron Collins in over a year. That is for certain. Look for freshie Tyrel Reed to see some court action tonight in place of SC, as well as more minutes going to Rodrick Stewart. We are still playing the patsies (the Washburn Icabods tonight), so not a whole lot of stress will be in the building tonight. In fact, I think the major topic of discussion will be this Saturday's final home football game. When was the last time, before 2007, where people were more concerned with football than basketball IN Allen Fieldhouse? Never would be my guess. We are living in exciting times, friends, exciting times.

Tonight is also the second game of the mythical 'Jayhawk Invitational', which does actually exist but in essence means nothing. Basically, there is no bracket or tournament or anything of the sort, it is just kinda-sorta a made up thing that we created this season. I'm not really sure what the purpose is, and what the advantage is as opposed to playing in a 'real' tournament, like the Maui Invitational or Preseason NIT, but whatevs. It started on Sunday against UMKC and continues through November 25th (only 10 days from now) when we take on the Arizona Wildcats in Allen Fieldhouse. And that will be a Pac 10-Big 12 challenge game. Confused yet?

No images tonight, I gotta run, but make sure and keep the thread lively. I understand most will be at the game in Lawrence, I wish I was there, so have a good time.