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Brandon Rush Might Play Tomorrow

Just as Sherron Collins has been crossed off the rotation, he had surgery Monday and is expected to come back six weeks from now, it appears that another name will be added back to it. Brandon Rush, despite not being expected to return until December 1st, has been medically cleared to play as early as tomorrow, in a game against Washburn.

Bill Self has yet to make a decision on whether he will play or not, but I would imagine he sees the floor at some point Thursday night. It is only Washburn, and it would be a major buzz-kill to see Rush re-aggravate his injury in such a meaningless game, but it would also be nice to have him slowly work his way back into action. We need Rush for any serious national title run, so his health will be the most important issue on Thursday night.

That's all. Tomorrow, we take a look at the contest between the Jayhawks and Washburn as well as taking an early look at the Iowa State Cyclones.