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Recruiting Catchup

With all of the excitement surrounding both the football team and the basketball team, we have gotten behind on updating recruiting news here at RCT.

However, commitments began to flood in just as Kansas rose up the polls, the success on the football field always succeeded by a young man making a decision on his future, a future at Kansas.

Even before the star of this recruiting class, Kale Pick, decided to come to Kansas two more recruits' commitments had gone unnoticed. Ben Lueken, an offensive lineman from St. Louis, Missouri, committed to the Jayhawks to provide depth for the to-be-senior-filled offensive line. In a similar train of thought, adding depth to the interior offensive line in preparation for the loss of all 3 starters following the 2008 season, we also received a commitment from John Williams. Williams garnered more interest than Lueken, receiving scholarship offers from Arkansas and Northwestern among others, and is considered to be the better college football player.

Continuing with our offensive line spree, we also received the commitment from Trevor Marrongelli, an offensive tackle from Austin, Texas. Finally, we also added a future safety at Kansas in Corrigan Powell, a small kid at only 5'9" inches tall and weighing only 162 pounds.

That is all of the kids that have signed yet to be noticed here on RCT. All in all we have received 11 commitments in the Class of 2008, meaning we are about halfway there.