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Sherron Collins Out 6 Weeks

Right now, a headline on the front page of reads:

"KU's Collins Out 6 Weeks".

Reading this, I started to freak out, utter obscenities under my breath, and finally clicked the link, expecting the worst. But then, my prayers were answered, it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

Anthony Collins, the star LT on the football team wasn't hurt. No, it was just PG Sherron Collins who was out 6 weeks after SC stress-fractured his foot last night. In last night's game against UMKC he rolled awkwardly on his left ankle, leading to a precautionary MRI. The precautionary MRI showed that, instead of a sprained ankle, SC had stress fractured his foot in a separate, unrelated instance. So, while our basketball team will be hampered in the short-term having to play Arizona (and other, less scary teams) without both SC and Brandon Rush, but I think we will be OK. Plus, this will give even more PT to Rodrick Stewart and freshman Tyrel Reed, both of which need to improve to make our bench Championship-worthy. College basketball is a funny sport, completely opposite of college football, where early season injuries can almost improve your team. As long as there are no prevailing ramifications of the injury, it is always good to improve your bench.

An injury to Anthony Collins, on the other hand, would severely hamper our chances of winning either of our upcoming 'big tests' against Misery and Boomer Sooner. AC is the best offensive lineman we have, and is often the lead blocker for runs to the left side. Plus, he protects Todd Reesing's blind side, and often matches up against the opposition's best pass-rusher.

So yes, i am actually pleased to announce that Sherron Collins is out for 6 weeks. He is a great player, and a huge key to success in conference play and, more importantly, March, but I would rather have him miss time as opposed to the other Collins in Lawrence.

Football is more important than basketball right now, and anyone who doesn't think that isn't a true Jayhawk football fan.