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Post Game React: Quick Observations

I meant to get this up immediately following the Okie State game, but I never got around to it. Here were my quickie observations, with the more intense observations to be brought up sometime tomorrow...

  • Todd Reesing is a monster. A really, really studly, amazing, fantastical monster. He is the perfect embodiment of this team, overlooked, undertalented (supposedly), yet still one of the best in the country. He is the biggest reason why we are 10-0, hands down.
  • Look up 'enigma' in the dictionary, and there is a picture of Marcus Henry looking right at you. He has struggled all season long with drops and getting open, opening the door for Dezmon Briscoe and Kerry Meier to steal much of the spotlight at the WR position. Then, he decides to go off in a semi-homecoming in Stillwater, Oklahoma (he is from Lawton, OK), catching 8 balls for 199 yards and 3 TDs. Much of it had to do with the defense Okie State played, more on that in a second, but it would be nice to have Mute show up more often like he did Saturday night. Our offense is practically impossible with a WR as dangerous as he played two days ago.
  • About Okie State's defense, it was clear they were gearing all night to stop the run. Frankly, for the un-believers in Todd Reesing, that is a pretty good strategy. Our running game has been flat-out ripping opposing defenses to shreds, and Sparky is only 5'8". We averaged 'only' 4.9 yards per carry Saturday night, as opposed to almost 6 (not including sacks) on the season. Of course, they were then scared to get burnt deep, so in-between the run-geared linebackers and deep-pass-geared secondary there was a sizable amount of green space. Enter short-passing clinic. Sparky lived off the short-passing game Saturday night, especially looking at Henry.
  • Our defense looked average on Saturday, but that is what a balanced attack can do. We missed more tackles than I expected, and Dantrell Savage had way too many holes to run through. I understand it is almost impossible to guard against the pass, the running back and the quarterback running the ball, but we usually try and take away the running game and let them try and beat us through the air. I don't know if that was the gameplan or not Saturday night, but we were more successful stopping the aerial attack than the ground game. I'm not worried about our defense, it is a very good unit that I thought was the better one up to the Nebraska game, but it will be interesting to see what Bill Young tries and take away against the vaunted offense of the Missouri Tigers.
  • The issue of our punt returner, Anthony Webb, might be the biggest point of contention amongst Jayhawk fans. Most, myself not included, fear that his inability to fair catch will end up costing us sometime down the road. I, on the other hand, look at it differently. He has gotten absolutely pounded a couple of times now, and he has only muffed one punt (which he immediately covered up). It isn't his fault that the blockers are allowing the defenders to run down and wait for him to catch it to blow him up, he can't block and catch punts. Sure, it would be nice for him to learn how to wave his hand above his head and call for a fair catch, but he has shown a talent to hold onto the ball even while getting the snot knocked out of him. He is obviously our best option, our staff isn't going to ignore anyone, and as long as he continues to hold onto the ball I could care less what yardage he gets after the catch.
  • Did anybody else hear the comment by Herbstreit, "We'll be in KC for Mizzou-Kansas...". This has yet to be formally announced, ABC is still technically 'debating' between Kansas-Missouri and Oklahoma-Oklahoma State, but as long as we take care of business we will get the primetime slot. The question that remains is whether Lee Corso, Chris Fowler and the Gameday crew will join Herbie to the Arrowhead parking lot, something that would be way more than awesome. In any case, as long as it is a national telecast and the nation gets to see us play against eachother, I will be happy. This debate of Kansas' weak schedule will be put to rest.
More on the basketball games later on tonight...