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Superman Wears Todd Reesing Pajamas

I love this team so, so, so much.

But more specifically, I love our balance. I love the way we go into other people's stadiums and set the tone. I love the way we take the ball every time, go three-and-out, then go on to score on our second possession. I love the never-say-die attitude of this team; before tonight we had fallen behind 6 times all season and 5 of those we responded right back with a TD. I love the fact that we take the season a game-at-a-time, never looking beyond the task at hand.

All of these things pale, however, in comparison to the attitude of this team. After last season's abundance of close losses, losses that demoralized the Jayhawks, confidence was badly needed. But even more than that, the unity on this team is astounding. This is a football team, no other way to put it. The pundits, in an effort to say something nice about Kansas without stepping out on a limb, claim that we are 'superstar-less, but have a complete team'. Only half-true. You are right, our weaknesses are becoming increasingly distant (where were the WR drops tonight?) and the equality of this team across the board is a biggest reason for our soon-to-be #3 BCS ranking.

But as for that superstar charge? Not any more.

Oh no, as good of a story Reesing has been so far in his short life as a national topic of discussion, his star is still only beginning his ascent. He is still a sophomore, after-all, and he won't leave early, That means that even after this season, there will be two more years of #5 in a Kansas uniform, scampering around the field making plays. While Mangino has put up a couple of really good teams the last few years, they have never turned the proverbial corner. The corner leaving 'Bowl-Eligible Avenue' and heading towards 'Consistent National Threat'. We needed to turn this corner sometime in the near future, but we were still missing an ingredient. A superstar.

Enter Todd Reesing. He is everything that a QB should be and more, not even mentioning the underdog story he embodies. He is capable of single-handedly leading a team to victory on any given night, and may have to more than once before his time in Lawrence is done.

More on the emergence of Todd Reesing and the tremendous win tonight in Stillwater tomorrow and Monday, along with some basketball stuff. The season opened last night, and continues tomorrow night against UMKC. Exciting time to be a Jayhawk for sure.