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Open Game Thread: Game #2 UMKC (0-0) @ #4 Kansas (1-0)

Who has time for analysis, the games never end!

Two days after the season opener and only a day after football's domination of the Oklahoma State Cowboys, here we go again. This time, we take on the local UMKC Kangaroos, a laughable opponent that should yield a laughable result. I will combine the post game reaction for both this game and the UL-Monroe game, they are basically the same game, just played out against two different opponents on two different nights.

I will be bouncing in and out during this game, I will also be taking a look at the Colts-Chargers matchup on Sunday Night Football (despite my hatred for the Colts, I want them to win; it's all about the slim chance of the Chiefs winning the West) and reading some glorious accounts of yesterday's football game. Because in all honesty, I could care less of tonight's margin of victory, or even how we play. All I care about is 10-0 and the Iowa State Cyclones football team, Darrell Arthur's point total against the Kangaroos means little as of right now.

But, nevertheless, Kansas remains a basketball school meaning an early-season contest with UMKC is talked about.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...


Who: UMKC 0-0 (0-0) vs. #4 Kansas 1-0 (0-0)
When: 7:00 PM Central
Where: Allen Fieldhouse (16,300)
Preview: ESPN/AP ... KU Sports ... Kansas City Star
Prediction: Kansas 112 UMKC 59