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'Thursday' Night Preview: Oklahoma State Cowboys

All-Time: Kansas V. Oklahoma State

Throughout the history of the Kansas-Okie State football, lasting from 1923 to 2006, the Jayhawks and Pokes have been even. As in, in 59 career games between the two teams, each has 28 wins. We actually have a winning record in Stillwater, 13-12, but have lost the last 2 trips down there. Overall, we have lost 5 straight to the Pokes, the last time we beat them was way back in that magical season of 1995. You know, the year this team has continually been compared to. Of course, we have broken nearly every record set way back in '95, and this is without a doubt a much more magical one.

Last Time Out: Oklahoma State 42 Kansas 32

Yet another disappointing second half collapse during the 2006 season; and another chance to redeem last season's collapse has presented itself. Of our 6 losses last season, 4 of those have been revenged so far this season. Toledo, Nebraska, Texas A&M and Baylor. The last two losses, Okie State and Misery, are right around the corner; waiting to reverse the outcome of last season's contest. This one might have been the most painful, a 17-0 halftime lead for the Jayhawks quickly turned into a 42-32 victory for the Pokes. The coming-out party of Adarius Bowman occurred right in Memorial Stadium last season, as he posted 300 yards and 3 TD's receiving, most of it in the second half.

...But What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Okie State is on the verge of bowl-eligibility, sitting at 5-4. This year is the same old tune for the Pokes, enough talent to beat anyone in the conference, if not the country, but not enough consistency or coaching to seriously compete for the South. They are very similar to the preseason conception of Misery, but while Misery's defense has established themselves as at least a 'decent' unit, Okie State's has basked in mediocrity. Their offense is good, sure, and led by QB Zac Robinson, a mid-season replacement of incumbent starter Bobby Reid. They have a great running game, led by Dantrell Savage, but can't stop the pass. Todd Reesing figures to have a field day for the second consecutive week; Okie State is ranked 116th out of 120 teams in passing defense.