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Grading the Jayhawks: Offense @ Texas A&M Aggies

Another way to recap the action on Saturdays. My college football schedule is still very fluid as this is my first real go-around, by the end of the season we should have it written down (albeit in pencil) for next year...

Todd Reesing
He played very well, when you think back about it. He is one of those QB's who doesn't wow you too often during the game, and after the game he isn't one of the first names to roll off your tounge, but after a day or so you look back and say 'He played that well? His receivers struggle to get open and drop some passes, but if he makes a throw or too a little bit better, or makes a better decision, we put up a lot more points on the board.
Grade: B

Brandon McAnderson and Jake Sharp
BMac played phenomenal, Sharp just played 'OK'. Career night for BMac, and as much ink (pixels?) I have spent advocating Sharp's workload to increase, I am changing my tune. No, get McAnderson more carries while we still can, but I do think that Sharp's workload should go up too. As much as I love Reesing, and boy do I love Reesing, we are built right now as a running team. Our defense is insane in the membrane, and our offensive line is nasty. Nasty offensive lines tend to prefer run blocking, because that is more of an active style, as opposed to the hold-offish strategy of pass blocking. RUN THE BALL MORE!!!11!!
Grade: A

Wide Recievers
Dropped balls. Struggling to get open. Our receiving corps is good, sure, and would be plenty good for Kansas offenses of the last 10 years. But not this year, and their seeming inablity to find open creases in the defense and inability to catch the ball even when they do find an open crease is a big reason why I am advocating running the ball more. A lot more. Like I mentioned in the first half film review, Derek Fine's drop really killed a lot of momentum, and it didn't get much better from here on out. Dezmon Briscoe is one reason to look up, he is probably the best combination of hands and ability to get open currently on this team. And he is only a true freshman. Plus, a couple of recruits, namely Daymond Patterson, are coming in and have more athletic ability than our current batch.
Grade: C-

Offensive Line
Our O-Line is awesome. Especially in the running game, and even more especially in the power running game. At least our power running game, draws up the middle. Despite never working together before this season, they have run that same simple draw up the middle thousands of times in practice and in scrimmages and in games, so it comes as second nature to them. And that is always a good thing. BMac had a great finish on nearly all of his runs, but every time he ran the ball he had a crease right up the middle to run through, and that is the doing of the O-Line.
Grade: A

We will do the defense tomorrow, along with the Second Half Film Review. Plus all of that other stuff I said...