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Jayhawk Nation: 5-0 Edition

It's been awhile since we've done one of these things, so let's get it going...

First, let's start out with a little piece of factual information. In Division 1-A there are exactly 11 teams that are undefeated. The Kansas Jayhawks are one of those teams. As hard as it is to wrap your mind around it, its true. USC has lost, Florida has lost (twice), Notre Dame has lost (five times), Michigan has lost (twice), Texas has lost (twice) and Oklahoma has lost, but yet the Jayhawks remain unbeaten. And to make it even weirder, here are some of the other 11 schools that have yet to lose in 2007.

Cincinnati. South Florida. Connecticut. Missouri. Arizona State.

This season is just messed up, but in a good way.

More Jayhawk-specific is the loss of a 2008 football recruit, Ryan Glazer. He was likely nothing more than a stopgap solution to the gaping hole to be left by James McClinton following this season. Nothing tragic, though, we should end up OK. For a more in-depth look at the defensive tackle situation in the near future, check out my season preview of the position.

For a tremendous recap of the game, from an attendee no less, head on over to Hawk Digest. This one sentence essentially sums up this team, the team that is breaking the mold of the national perception of Kansas football:

On Saturday, we saw a team that breaks the KU mold of "we would've won, except this play didn't go our way or the ref blew that one call."

As usual, KU Sports had you covered for some post-game reaction. Here are some examples of their post-game coverage alone... In-game updates .... Fifth Quarter .... "Reesing Comes Up Big". I haven't read the Keegan article as of yet actually, but his stuff is usually decent. Most of the time.

Jason Whitlock wrote about Kansas football. Promise. And he is 100% right, for once. Mangino doesn't get near the credit he deserves, he has rescued this program from the depths of Terry Allen's regime into a favorite to win the Big 12 North. His weight does have something to do with it, too, people look at him and immediately assume that he can't coach. Oh, but he can.

I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but the Kansas Jayhawks are ranked 20th in both polls. Talk about the Mangino-resurrection. And it only figures to get better after a home game against the Baylor Bears, as long as we show up and play our game. That shouldn't be a problem, considering they won last year. Y'know, a revenge game and all.

What if the Jayhawks and Tigers are both undefeated when they meet in Arrowhead? I know, they are both 6 games away (including a game in Norman for Muzzurrah this week) from playing in Kansas City, but it is possible. Both teams have looked mighty impressive thus far, and it is a fun possibility. Realistic? Likely not. But the winner of the game most likely WILL win the Big 12 North, earning them a spot in the Big 12 Championship game. Has either team ever been there?

Despite all of the positivity surrounding our football team, we still do play basketball. And today, Bill Self received the second commitment for the 2008 class with junior-college forward Mario Little choosing the 'Hawks. Travis Releford was the first commitment, when he made his decision months ago. Little is most likely a short-term replacement for the multitude of bodies we are losing from our frontcourt, Sasha Kaun, Darnell Jackson and, in all likelihood, Darrell Arthur. I'll take all the help Self can get us.

That is it for now, later on tonight the Big 12 Roundtable will be posted. Film review has been moved back to Wednesday, and the general game recap tomorrow. I need another day to soak up this win ; ).