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Kansas Jayhawks 30. Kansas State Wildcats 24.

For the first time since 1999, the Kansas Jayhawks scored a TD in Manhattan.

For the fist time since 1989, we won a game in Manhattan.

For the second year in a row, and the third in the last four, we beat the Kansas State Wildcats.

And yet, the stance 'experts' are taking on this game is: "K-State couldn't get up for a team like Kansas after beating Texas on the road". Whatevs.

My initial thoughts, brought up by watching the game live. A more thorough summary will be up sometime on Sunday, with the film review coming on Monday.

>>> James McClinton is my hero. It seemed he was in the offensive backfield every play, and even if he wasn't he was disrupting the play somehow. He is the emotional leader of this defense, and he showed up in a big way today.

>>> Todd Reesing started out slow, sure, but this is really his first road game as the starting QB. Ever. However, he really turned it around starting with the last drive of the first half and played very good in the second half. I bet he'll continue to get better throughout conference season, making us a increasingly dangerous opponent.

>>> I liked going for it on 4th down near the end of the game. Sure, we didn't get it, but if we do get it we score a TD and put the game away. I hated the play call, but I loved the idea of trusting the offense to get a yard.

>>> After dogging the coaching staff, I want to compliment them, specifically Ed Warriner and the offensive staff. FSN made a big deal of the audibles taking place every play, and the signs coming in from the sidelines, and that worked to our favor countless times. The one that sticks out in my head is the switch to a bubble screen to Dezmon Briscoe, who took it to the house to make it 21-14. Warriner has been tremendous thus far from what I've seen, a great hire by Mangino.

>>> Jordy Nelson had a huge first half, including burning Aqib Talib for a 67-yard touchdown, but we generally shut him down in the second half. Most of his first half catches were against the other corner, Chris Harris, who did a good job overall but just isn't in the same league as Nelson. Harris tackled very well, and while his cover skills still need work he is going to grow into a very fine corner. The planned starter going into the season, Kendrick Harper, got in on the action himself picking off a pass late in the game, and he figures to get better as we get deeper into conference play.

>>> The 'Kansas of old' doesn't score a TD at the end of the game to make it 27-24. After the halfback pass for a TD, the Jayhawks of a couple years ago don't necessarily give up, but can't drive down the field and take the lead. This is a new Kansas folks, and for those of you who still don't believe, just wait. This is the best team we have had under Mangino, and probably the best team we've had since 1995. We are in the driver's seat of the Big 12 North race, with the Nebraska-Muzzurrah winner riding shotgun.

We come back home next week to take on the Baylor Bears, who are 0-2 in conference play after getting blown out in Boulder. We will likely be ranked in both polls, although not any higher than 20. A great day to be a Kansas fan, as we have officially ended the 18 year reign on the state of Kansas the Wildcats have had.

Aww, the sweet feeling of victory...