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Kansas #8 In All Polls

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Well, almost all of them.

We are the #8 team in the country according to the AP Poll, but that poll is largely only for looks, it has zero impact on the BCS.

We are the #8 team in the meaningful press poll, the Harris Poll.

We are the #8 team in the Coaches Poll too, also called the USA Today poll.

And, most importantly, we are #8 in the most recent BCS Poll, only .0036 behind #7 West Virginia.

But the computers, you know, objective machines with no historical-based prejudices, think we are the 5th best team in the country, averaging the 6 computer polls the BCS uses and taking out the highest and the lowest. The highest of those is that of Jeff Sagarin, largely known as one of the brightest minds in the press. And where does he rank us?

Number 1.

The best team in all the land.

Just a little gravy to yesterday's win, more to come later.