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"Thursday" Night Preview: Texas A&M Aggies

Sorry for the tardiness...

All Time History: Texas A&M V. Kansas

8 times, the Aggies and Jayhawks have met on the football field. First time we met was in 1974, a 28-10 home win for the Jayhawks. That is the only time we have ever beaten the ampersands. 7 times since then, 4 times at home in Memorial Stadium and 3 times in College Station. A win tomorrow by the ampersands would extend their 'dominance' over the Jayhawks to 8 games, and hold off the first win for the Jayhawks since 1974. Oh, but we've never played the Aggies with a team as good as the one we have now.

Last Time Out: Texas A&M 21 Kansas 18

Ugh. We outplayed the ampersands for 3+ quarters last year, and losing a game like that, especially at home, is always tough to take. Javorskie Lane and his pounding finally took his toll on the 'Hawks in the 4th quarter, rushing for a TD with only 34 seconds left. We were up 10-0 and 18-7 at different points in the game, but still could not come out on top. Just another heartbreaking loss last season, and another possiblity to avenge that loss presents itself this season.

...But What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Ah, the Dennis Franchione-led Texas A&M Aggies. A team that always, always disappoints. At least according to talent, they always disappoint, because a pont can certainly be made that if they always disappoint, doesn't that imply that it isn't a disappointment? Sorry, that is too deep for a football blog. But still, the Aggies have more than enough talent to win the South this year, with their stable of capable runners (RBs Lane and Mike Goodson and QB Stephen McGee) giving them quite an option attack. Big ol' Javorskie Lane runs up the middle, and he is as tough to tackle as they come, with the speedy Goodson and McGee taking the ball outside, making defenders miss. However, if you force them to pass they are in trouble, and that is Bill Young's specialty. To stop running games. But more on that later...

--> Kansas D holds the Aggies under 150 yards rushing as a team; no one player gets over 100
--> We try and establish the running game early, mainly with brusier Brandon McAnderson, but we don't get much done. Which leads us too...
--> In the second half, with us falling behind to a 14-6 defecit at halftime. Offensvie Coordinator Ed Warriner goes to the pass and Todd Reesing goes bezerk, throwing for 260 yards in the second half alone. This is on national TV too, mind you, and the comeback gets him serious Heisman consideration.
--> Aqib Talib intercepts a pass and catches a pass.
--> Kansas Wins 27-14; that means we outscore them 21-0 in the scond half...