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Kale Pick Commits to Kansas

Less than 24 hours after decommiting from Arkansas, Dodge City QB Kale Pick had decided on a college. Again. But this time, he chose the home-state Kansas Jayhawks as his college of preference, instead of leaving state and heading to Arkansas.

Think our 7-0 start had anything to do with his switcharoo?

Now, we are quite set with Todd Reesing for the forseeable future, but if Kerry Meier moves to WR full-time we really don't have a backup QB. Plus, redshirting Kale would make him a RS freshman when Reesing is a senior, giving him another year to learn.

This kid is good. Real good. If you want proof, check out this video, full of highlights from this dual-threat QB. In fact, he is ranked as the 11th best dual-threat QB in the nation according to Rivals, and the 6th best prospect from Kansas at any position.

I am really excited about this pickup by Mangino and the staff, it sure looks like this kid is a keeper.

Just another benefit of being #9 in the BCS, I guess.