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Kansas Jayhawks -- #9 in the BCS

Last year, I cared less about the announcement of some stupid BCS rankings. Sure, I would watch out for them at some point Monday morning, but I could care less to await the announcement.

Yet here I was, sitting through 25 minutes of 'analysis' from the likes of Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson. But I had to know where the Kansas Jayhawks would be ranked, I didn't want to wait the extra 10 minutes for them to be posted on the internets. No, I had to hear the "official release", I had to hear the 'analysts' talk about what a great story the Kansas Jayhawks have been so far this season.

They went through the Top 5 first, like usual, building some mythical suspense as who would be #s 1 and 2...

#5....Oregon Ducks
#4.....Arizona State Sun Devils
#3.....LSU Tigers
#2.....Boston College Eagles
#1....Ohio State Buckeyes

None of those are real shockers, save the Sun Devils' rise to #4. But then they shoved up #s 1-10 on the screen, putting some numbers up just to make it look good.

BUT THERE WE WERE AT #9!!!11!!!!one!!111

Imagine that, the University of Kansas Jayhawks sitting at #9 in the BCS. And we can only go up if we continue to win, as our SOS will continue to grow and we will continue to earn the respect of voters across the country.

All of the following teams are behind the Kansas Jayhawks of football, all teams that were expected to be ahead of us:

Penn State

And all of the following teams aren't even good enough to be among the Top 25 teams according to the BCS, but were also expected to blow us out of the water over the course of the year.

Texas A&M

The teams are innumerable, but the key is that we are ahead of all of them.

We keep on winning, and teams in front of us will lose, you can count on that, and we will be in a BCS bowl.

Beat Oklahoma in the Big XII Championship game, and enough things fall in our way, and guess what?

The Kansas Jayhawks will play for a football national championship.

But, seriously, all I am worried about is the Aggies right now.