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Are We For Real Now?

Or do we have to "prove it" next week in College Station against Texas A&M. Again.

After all, we have yet to win a game outside of Kansas or a state that borders Kansas, and the long plane ride down to College Station will no doubt mess with the minds of our entire team.

It is quite obvious that we have only gotten out to a 7-0 start, one of only five (5) undefeated teams left in college football -- Ohio State, Boston College, Hawaii and Arizona State are the others -- has been built simply on a weak non-conference schedule and a conference slate that features neither of the traditional Big 12 powers; Boomer Sooner and Texas.

But let's go over our two biggest wins, the two on the road.

We beat Kansas State 30-24 in Manhattan.
Kansas State beat Texas 41-21 in Austin.

We beat Colorado 19-14 in Boulder.
Colorado beat Oklahoma 27-24 in Boulder.

Now, you can easily get yourselves in lots of trouble with these A>B, B>C, therefore A>C deals, but still. If Boomer Sooner and Texas are soooo good, how come they lost to the same teams we beat. Huh?

Oh, you don't have an answer for me?

Well, here is what Cody Hawkins had to say following today's game:

"They played harder than any team we've played so far."

But, bu- didn't Colorado play Oklahoma?

But seriously, this whole 7-0 start by the Jayhawks is just a fluke.

If they "start out" 12-0, then maybe they are for real, but until then? Nah.


What more do we have to do before we earn respect from everyone?