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Open Game Thread: Game #6 Baylor (3-3) @ Kansas (5-0)

I won't be here tomorrow for the game, again, so sorry about that. Plus, stupid DirecTV doesn't have Fox College Sports Central (FCSC), so I won't be able to watch the game. But in any case, here is your thread to comment on the Kansas-Baylor game. It is one of revenge, with the 'Hawks trying to make up for a 36-35 loss last year, but we are also 27 point favorites.

My prediction? Kansas 52 Baylor 20.
Our offense goes beserk in the first half, much like the first four games, and they score some cheap points at the end to make it look "closer".

Who: Baylor 3-3 (0-2) VS. Kansas 5-0 (1-0)
When: 11:30 AM Central
Where: Memorial Stadium (50,071)

TV: Fox College Sports Central
Preview: KC Star
Blogosphere: Bear Meat

10 hours to game time....