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Boy Was I Wrong

I may never pick these Jayhawks to lose again. For the first time since RCT began I was expecting a Jayhawks loss and all they did was go into halftime winning 43-16.

That isn't a typo, I promise.

43 - 16.

Here is the Box Score, check it out to see what we did to score 43 points in half #1.

Brandon Rush had a great game, scoring 20 points but the story of the night for me was Julian Wright. My #2 key to the game was to get Jules going and he did just that, scoring the game's first 8 points. This was over with about 10 minutes left in the first half and I must admit I didn't really analyze anyone's play thereafter.

I can't think of a whole lot to say, other than let's get ready for A&M on Saturday. The preview for that game will be much more intense, it is the biggest game of the year since the Las Vegas date with the Gators.

Also, the baseball Jayhawks begin play tomorrow in Hawaii, JQ has been doing a great job previewing the team so check those out if you haven't already.

Rock Chalk!