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SB Nation Top 25 - Week 2

Here is this week's SB Nation top 25, with Kansas jumping from #9 to #6.

I give up trying to post this week's actual poll (it is very cool, go over and check it out) but will try and figure out how to come next Monday.

Here was my personal poll: 1) North Carolina 2) Wisconsin 3) Florida 4) Ohio State 5) UCLA 6) Kansas 7) Duke 8) Butler 9) Pitt 10) Texas A&M 11) Oregon 12) Memphis 13) Vandy 14) Marquette 15) Oklahoma State 16) Va Tech 17) Texas 18) Nevada 19) Air Force 20) Washington State 21) Georgia 22) Texas Tech 23) Stanford 24) Clemson 25) Winthrop For those of you counting at home, 3 of my Top 25 were the correct ones in the SBN Top 25, including pegging the Jayhawks at #6.

I had UCLA at #1 until they lost @ Stanford, which because of the sweep of So Cal schools jumped into the Top 25. I view the 25th spot as the best team not nationally recognized and I thought Winthrop fit the bill, although they lost all of their power conference games earlier in the year.

Thanks again to Josh over at A Sea of Blue, the resident Kentucky blog, for putting this together.

Rock Chalk!