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Preview to the Nebrasky Game Preview

I hate going to Lincoln. Absolutely hate it. Just like I hate making the trip to Ames, I hate going to whatever they call their arena (Delaney Center is the first thing that came to my mind) because we always seem to struggle there. No matter how good we are and no matter how bad the Cyclones and Huskers are, we seem to lose at least one of the games up north every season. With us sneaking out of Ames with a victory it doesn't look pretty on Monday night. Maybe I'm a little too cynical, but I just have a really bad feeling about tomorrow night's game. Plus, we might be just a tad destracted considering our last two games (victories over Baylor and Colorado by a combined 49 points) and with the Gameday crew paying Lawrence a visit Saturday when we take on the Aggies of Texas A&M you'd have a hard time getting up for a trip to Lincoln too. Lastly, if they did this when they beat Creighton, what would they do if they beat us? On a more serious note, I'll take a look at the 06-07 Huskers later tonight tomorrow before the 8 PM central time tip off. Rock Chalk!