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Who's Coming Back?

A question that has been asked numerous times this season is who is leaving for the NBA Draft and who is staying at least one more year? We have 8 players who see a lot of the floor, let's run down each player from least likely to most likely. Remember, this isn't a rundown of who will have the most successful pro career, it is a list of who will most likely leave after this season. As we find out who is seriously considering leaving I'll take a closer look at those players and where they will likely be heading.

Darnell Jackson
DJack is 99.99% likely to be back in Lawrence one more season with the .01% is if an agent gives incredibly bad advice. He is a good, solid college player but at 6'8" has about zero chance of making an NBA roster. Just doesn't have the athleticism to play the 3 or the size to play the 4. There isn't even a Draft Profile for him, so nothing I can link to.

Russell Robinson - Draft Profile
He is not an NBA type player. He is a great college player and I love most minutes RR gives us, but he doesn't have the skills to be an NBA PG. He is too small to be a combo guard and his shooting isn't all that great either, a good floor general similar to Aaron Miles' pro potential. Won't be drafted, probably will play in the Vegas Summer League and go to training camp with a team after his senior season.

Sasha Kaun - Draft Profile
Sasha could have been convinced to leave after this season had he had a great year, but the knee injury and often being the 4th or 5th option hasn't helped his value at all. He still has a shot of being a 2nd rounder this season, but that would have to include incredible play from here on out and I just don't see that happening. After a solid senior season he will be on plenty of draft boards, but I think he will stay in school for 4 years and continue to work on his ever-developing game. Remember, this is just the 7th season he has played basketball.

Sherron Collins - Draft Profile
I had to think for awhile whether to put him or Super Mario here, but SC is more raw so I think it is more likely he stays put. Depending on the rest of this season and next year he could likely depart after his sophomore campaign, he has a great 3 point shot and he is really quick. I sure hope we get to see SC for one more year though.

Super Mario - Draft Profile
He has helped his profile a lot so far this season, but not enough to go out in my opinion. He could go, but I have a pretty confident feeling that Super Mario will be wearing Crimson and Blue next season. Nobody has really talked about him as leaving and no mock drafts have him going in the draft, so unless an agent lies to him he is going to stay.

Brandon Rush - Draft Profile
As crazy as it sounds, BRush is more likely to stay than two other members of our team. Everyone thought he was one and done with us, the loss to Bradley stung him so bad he decided to give it at least one more try. I still have a gut feeling that he will head on to the NBA, but it is beginning to look more and more like he will stay a Jayhawk. His mom convinced him to stay one more year last year, can she do it again? Reggie Lewis is who they compare him to.

Julian Wright - Draft Profile
Him and Darrell Arthur are both extremely likely to leave for the money and are interchangeable at #1 or #2 most likely to leave. Wright is going higher on the draft boards, as high as #6 compared to Arthur going #16 in the same mock. Wright's athleticism is definately his biggest asset while his jump shot (or lack there of) might be what keeps him in school. Honestly, I don't think it would be the worst thing in the world if he left. He is an extremely frustrating player to watch game in and game out because some days (i.e. Florida) he is amazing but other times he just disappears. I love Jules but if he left we could get more PT to the 4 guards and we wouldn't miss dunks. Maybe that was a low blow, but basically my point is I would love to have him back but wouldn't mind him leaving for the $$$.

Darrell Arthur - Draft Profile
He's gone. There is a slight chance he comes back, but I think he will leave after this season. He is a player that is the opposite of a RR, a good college player but he will be even better on the bigger stage. His athleticism is incredible and is listed as a 10/10 on his profile page. Like I said he is still in the mid-teens in the mocks, but once we get a handle on who is picking where I think he will end up being a lottery pick. Millions of dollars may be too hard for him to pass up. Like Jules, I wouldn't mind him leaving. I would love to have him back but we do have 6'11" Cole Aldrich coming in who will demand some PT and if he leaves it will open up another scholarship that we can fill with another role player.

Basically, DJack, RR, Sasha, SC and Super Mario will most likely stay in Lawrence at least one more season. BRush is probably 50/50 right now on whether to stay or go, but he might have already made up his mind without telling the media. Jules and Slim Shady are as good as gone, although a last second change of heart is always possible.