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Open Thread: Game #21 KU vs. Colorado

Sorry for getting this up this late. I never got around to doing the game preview, I'm sorry, but here is what I got done with last night:

This is the easiest conference game we will play all year. At least on paper, we should dominate this game. Domination is expected tomorrow, which always makes me nervous. It seems that when a team is heavily favored, especially in such a off and on sport such as college basketball, more often than not the underdog nearly pulls off or pulls off an upset. Colorado will come in hyped and as hard as it is to do in the Phog, they just might outplay us in the 1st half. Don't get me wrong, I think we will win the game but I think it will be closer than us 'Hawks think it will be. Before I get into my Preview, let's surf the web and find other people's take on tomorrow's game.

Here are all of the Game Previews I could round up, hopefully in the next 11 minutes you'll get a chance to check those out.

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This is Ricardo Patton's last game ever in Allen Fieldhouse (he has announced he is retiring at the end of the season) so give him so Phog Love. Richard Roby is really their only shot at beating us, he is a monster but really non one else on the team is.

RCT Prediction: KU 84 CU 67

Rock Chalk!