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A Trip Around Jayhawk Nation

Here are some good links to take a look at.

KU Sports is going to have an interview with with 6'10" basketball recruit Cole Aldrich. Ask him your questions, he will be a big part of our team next year.

There is a big story spreading around the blogosphere about former Georgia high school football player Genarlow Wilson. I don't feel the need to list details here, as it really doesn't have anything to do with the 'Hawks but here is the link if you want to read all about it. Plenty of other SB Nation blogs have written pieces about the story with one of the first being written over at Pounding the Rock, the San Antonio Spurs blog.

Over at Phog Blog there is a post about who will lose PT to Sherron Collins. It is an interesting discussion and a great read, but my opinion is that it will be split 50/50 between RR and Super Mario. I know, I am riding the fence on this one but I really think that is how it will work. It will also depend on who is hot on that particular game day, but I think overall a 50/50 split is what is going to happen.

Something like:
Super Mario -- 30 minutes
RR -- 27 minutes
SC -- 23 minutes

The Chalmer's Fan has a post game recap on the Baylor game, check him out.

Burnt Orange Nation, the best Texas blog out there, has a great post about Reggie Bush's legal troubles. Well, it really isn't a post as much of it is one of the most hilarious photoshops you will ever see.

In Lunardi's most recent Bracketology we are a #3 seed, moving down from a #2 slot after our loss in Lubbock. The other #3 seeds are Memphis, Duke and Marquette. I'm sorry if I sound cocky, but I would feel very confident going into a game at a neutral site against all 3 of those teams. Some of the #2's like Oregon and Ohio State would make me nervous, but I think we are really the #9 overall seed in this bracket.

In ESPN's most recent Power 16 we are a #2 seed, the 3rd #2 seed to be exact. The 4 #1 seeds are the same in Florida, UCLA, Wisconsin and North Carolina. Ohio State, Oregon and Pitt are #2's in Bracketology as they are in the Power 16, but we take over Texas A&M's #2 seed.

Here are the expert's ballots if you want to take a look. Here is a brief rundown of what each expert ranked us at:

Andy Katz -- #8
Jay Bilas -- #5
Joe Lunardi -- #8 (then how are we a 3 seed Joe?)
Dick Vitale -- #9
Mark Schlabach -- #8
Doug Gottlieb -- #5
Howie Schwab -- #8
Andy Glockner -- #7

That is everything Jayhawks, tomorrow should be a big post day for me as I don't have school after Finals Week.

Plus, we got a game early Saturday afternoon.

Rock Chalk!