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Sherron Compared to Top Freshman PG's

Today I am going to take a look at our freshman guard Sherron Collins and compare him to some of the other top freshman guards in the country, while tomorrow we will compare Slim Shady to some other fowards.

First off, let's take a look at the Top 10 PG prospects according to Rivals coming into this season. SC is #4 on that list coming into the season with Georgia Tech's Javaris Crittenton topping the list. Here is what they have done so far this season:

Name    School    MPG    PPG    RPG    APG    TOPG    SPG       
Javaris Crittenton (1)    GT    29.8    13.8    3.6    5.7    3.8    1.9       
Tywon Lawson (2)    UNC    23.1    8.7    2.6    5.1    2.4    1.8       
Mike Conley (3)    Ohio St.    29.5    9.7    3.4    6.8    2.1    2.7       
Sherron Collins (4)    Kansas    19.9    8.6    2.4    2.5    1.6    0.4       
Derrick Jasper (5)    Kentucky    21.8    5.2    3.9    3.3    2.5    1.4       
D.J. Augustin (6)    Texas    33.3    14.3    2.8    6.5    3.3    1.6       
Willie Kemp (7)    Memphis    22.7    7    2.8    2.8    1.7    0.6       
Donald Sloan (8)    A&M    18.1    5.4    2.1    2.1    1.6    0.8       
Trevon Hughes (9)    Wisconsin    8.5    2.5    1.3    0.3    0.8    0.2       
Patrick Beverley (10)    Arkansas    33.4    13.5    4.6    3.6    2.2    2.1       
Scottie Reynolds (14)    Villanova    26.8    11.8    2.6    3.9    2.7    1.3     

The (x) is what they were ranked by Rivals coming into this season as recruits. Crittenton, Augustin, Conley Jr. and Beverley have been the most important to his team's success so far this season all playing at least 29.5 minutes. Augustin leads everyone with 14.3 points per contest, Conley Jr. leads everyone with 6.8 assists and Patrick Beverely leads all 11 freshmen with 4.6 rebounds. Let's take a look at where Sherron Collins ranks in each category:

Minutes - 9th

Points - 7th

Rebounds - 9th

Assists - 9th

Turnovers - T 2nd

Turnovers Per Minute - 4th

Steals - 10th

Those aren't that great at all. Of course, we are in a different position than most of these other teams such as Arkansas and Georgia Tech, we don't have to rely on our freshmen and that is partly why we are going to make a longer run in the Tournament. Also, this is probably a bad time for me to do this comparison because Sherron is just starting to come on, but I still thought that it would be cool to see what it is like now compared to at the end of the season. The one good thing he hasn't done is have the turnover fever.

I'll try and compare Darrell Arthur to other freshman big men sometime tomorrow.

I tried to put this into an HTML table but it wouldn't work for some reason for me. If any of you readers know how to put tables on this site let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.