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Dick Vitale Has ADD

There is a great post over at Card Chronicle about how many different things Dicky V talked about during Monday night's UCONN - Louisvlle game. Anyone who has ever heard him do a game knows this is 100% true and I have now decided next Jayhawks game that he "calls" I will keep track of a list as well. Hopefully we can beat the 176 put up by CC.

In other news, Darrell Arthur is preparing to hear boos tonight when we take on the Baylor Bears. As you may recall, when we were recruiting him there were 3 schools listed as finalists, us, Baylor and LSU. Baylor, the team closest to his hometown of Dallas, Texas, would have been the choice had he made the scheduled press conference on May 9th. However, he decided to postpone it one more day and the next day he announced that he was heading up to Lawrence, something that people in Waco still haven't forgiven him for.

I will put up a game preview sometime today before the game so look out for that.