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Recruiting Update

It has been awhile since we checked up on how we are doing with the pigskin recruits and I figured now would be as good of a time as any to catch up. DJ over at Hawk Digest has been keeping up with all things football, so check his site out for continuous football updates.

Here is an updated recruiting list.

Also, the KU-MU football game has now been moved to Arrowhead Stadium for both 2007 and 2008 covering a home game for each team. I personally like this from a Kansas fan perspective, a bigger stage and a bigger opportunity for the game to get picked up nationally. I'm not sure if it helps out the University economically or not because even though they are losing a home game they are instead splitting the proceeds from two games from a bigger capacity stadium.

Will Crimson and Blue look good there?

Lastly Gary Bedore has another great article on Sherron Collins and Darrell Arthur emerging in conference play. I will take a look at them sometime soon and compare them to other freshman across the country but in the meantime it is a great read.

One more thing even though I already said lastly. The Jayhawks only dropped to #8 in the latest AP Poll, a ranking that I can easily live with. If you want the entire Top 25 go here. We are right behind the Oregon Ducks and right ahead of the Pittsburgh Panthers.