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Yesterday's Game Proves We Aren't Elite...Yet

That game yesterday is the team we are right now. We aren't going to win consistently on the road until we make a leap, a leap that involves finding a leading scorer. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that there are very few egos on our team, but there needs to be one go-to-guy in situations like yesterday. Sherron Collins is that guy right now, which is reflective of why we are in trouble. I love SC, love him to death, but he can't be a go-to-guy for a Final Four basketball team. Just can't happen, we need someone to step up like Super Mario or Brandon Rush.

The one thing that did surprise me is that they shot so many 3 pointers. Like I mentioned in my Game Preview they are 330rd in the country in 3PA/FGA but yesterday they shot 16 3 pointers making 6 of them. Half of those shots were by the Jayhawk-killer Darryl Dora, who showed up for the second time in his life, both times being at home against the Jayhawks. Bobby Knight even dogged Dora saying:

"Maybe the moon was right," Knight said. "Darryl played, which is sometimes unusual."

His surprising 19 points coupled with Jarrius Jackson's economical 15 (shooting 4-10 with passing up numerous open 3's to set up teamates closer to the basket) was enough to beat us.

Still, don't go and jump off a bridge. We still have enough potential to reach the Final Four, we just need to keep on improving every single game. That starts Wednesday night when we make a trip to Waco, Texas. It's tough to win on the road in the Big 12, we need to figure out how to sneak out with a win because we can ill-afford to go 0-2 on this roadtrip.

I'll grade out each player tomorrow, but I will give you a hint...Super Mario will be near the bottom. He didn't do much of all, he played good on defense shutting down JJ in the 1st half but he still isn't going to pass with that kind of performance.

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