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Trip Around Jayhawk Nation

Plenty of people are talking about our Jayhawks, let's go through them.

Joe Lunardi has us at a #2 seed in his latest Bracketology. The 4 #1 seeds are UCLA, North Carolina, Florida and Wisconsin with the Badgers being the #1 in our bracket, the Midwest regional.

As expected, we are a lock to gain access into the NCAA Tournament according to Andy Glockner. One intesting note, the Big 12 is only expected to get 4-5 bids this year, with Tech needing some big time wins in conference play (i.e. Saturday against our 'Hawks) to get in. The 4 obvious entries are Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma State and our Jayhawks.

Gary Bedore says it just might have been a good thing that we had to win close against the Tigers. One interesting fact he starts the article off with, the 06-07 Jayhawks have won 3 games by single-digits. Last year's version of our Jahawks won 2 games by single-digits all season.

The day before Bedore took a look at Sherron Collins' breakout game. So now both of our freshmen have emerged on a national ESPN stage (something that isn't hard considering just about every freakin Big 12 game that ESPN telecasts includes the Jayhawks) with Darrell Arthur breaking through in Las Vegas against Florida. He just about won the game by himself against Missouri at the end by scoring 7 of the last 9 points.

Dallas Morning News columnist Chip Brown has a column up on the upcoming game against their Red Raiders.

Columbia Tribue columnist Steve Walentik has an article up about Missouri's "valiant" fight. Whatever.

Andy Katz has an article up quoting Bill Self saying "Jayhawks aren't elite...yet". You know what, I 100% agree with good ol' Billy. I wil put up a post soon about the true "elite" teams across the country and whether we are there or not, but I don't think that we are there, at least yet. We are still a very young team and I think we will be there come Tournament time, but not there yet.

Rock Chalk!