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Open Thread: Game #18 KU vs, Missouri

Sorry, I will have to postpone my summary of the Iowa State game at least a day or two. I have to write an essay on Beowulf and the heroic standards of his time today for my English class (fun stuff huh?) so I am pressing my luck doing a quick game preview.

Here is KU Sports' game preivew with some interesting notes on the game. One interesting note from it, we have won the last 7 meetings in Allen Fieldhouse between us and the Jayhawks.

Here is Missouri's game preview with some really intersting notes.

Here is the Worldwide Leader's preview. The game will be shown on ESPN on "Big Monday" and is also a part of "Student Spirit Week" on the ESPN family of networks, showcasing the best Student Spirit from across the country.If you are interested, ESPN's experts rank their Top 5 venues in college basketball here. By the way, of the 6 experts ranking all NCAA schools (Kyle Whelliston stuck to mid-majors) 5 of them chose Allen Fieldhouse as one of their Top 5, with Pat Forde being the odd man out.

Here is what they had to say...

Jay Bilas:

Kansas: The Phog is the St. Andrews of college basketball, and it goes back to the very roots of the game. From Naismith to Allen to Rupp to Smith, the giants of the game have been cradled at Kansas. From Wilt to Lovellette to Manning, some of the greatest players in college basketball history have graced the Phog floor. That building has character, and you can really hear echoes and whispers when you are alone in the stands. When you have company, bring earplugs.
Fran Frashcilla:
Kansas: I'm spoiled covering the Big 12 because I get to go to Allen Fieldhouse so much. It's the St. Patrick's Cathedral of college basketball -- a sacred hoops sanctuary. While the fans are great, one must remember that much of the game's great tradition emanates from here, too.

Doug Gottlieb:

Kansas: There is no more perfect setting for college basketball than Phog Allen. Just an old-time fieldhouse, too big to be a gym, to quaint to be called an arena, and, oh yeah, maybe the most adoring, knowledgeable fans in college hoops. For it was at the Phog that I played with my shorts on backwards for the first 6 minutes or so, only to have that fact pointed out to me as the students cheered, "Shorts on backwards" until I noticed, called timeout and turned them around. Thanks. From the Roses strewn all over the floor during Senior Night festivities to "Rock Chalk" being sung to signify a win, The Phog truly is magical.

Andy Katz:

Kansas: The temperature doesn't matter. Students will still line up outside to get into Phog Allen, and once they're in the building, they don't keep quiet. Head there on a day when these students have the white rally-balloon bats and the sound is deafening. Everyone seems to be outfitted in blue, with face paint seemingly a priority. I'm sure I've lost a bit of hearing in this building.

Mark Schlabach:

Kansas: The entire atmosphere -- the bleachers on the floor, seats above, banners hanging from the rafters, ancient windows, limestone exterior and, of course, Rock Chalk chants -- at Allen Fieldhouse is like no other in college basketball. It takes you back 50 years.

This is your open thread for tonight's game, I will be watching the game and cheering on our Jayhawks but won't be able to come to the Open Thread because of the aforementioned paper I have to write.

One more interesting nugget, we have won 8 in a row since losing @ DePaul but the Tigers have lost 3 in a row. Those streaks combined with the fact that it is in Allen Fieldhouse, a place where the Tigers have always struggled (an all time record of 16-34 for them shows it) and I smell a romp coming on.

Prediction: Kansas 85 Missouri 68

Rock Chalk!