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Game #17 Open Thread: KU vs. Iowa State

I'm a supersitious kind of guy, so because I didn't do much of a writeup last game against Oklahoma State and didn't participate in the Open Thread, I won't this time. Not just because of those reasons, I will be doing other things while watching the game and won't have a computer near me.

We always have trouble at Hilton Coliseum, even if they are a bad team. This year they are a pretty decent team, so it will be a major test for the Jayhawks. The keys are to get everyone involved like Wednesday night and not to think about the 30 point crushing, it is a new game and has absolutely nothing to do with the OSU game. We have to come out with close to the same intesity, as hard as it will be to get that pumped, and jump out to an early lead.

Some quick little predictions:

Kansas - 71 Iowa State - 70

Last second buzzer-beater by Super Mario wins the game for us

Brush scores 20+

RR gets more PT than Sherron Collins

This is your open thread for today's game and the two playoff games if you want.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!