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Jayhawks Beat Detroit 63-43

First off, I want to correct myself from earlier. Dicky V was the head coach of the University of Detroit, not Detroit Mercy, my mistake. I got the two schools confused, but the Titans that showed up today played pretty well. I only watched the first half, but what I did see was bad, bad basketball on our part offensively. We are a premier defensive school in the NCAA, but if we put up 26 points at home against Detroit, what will happen when we have to do it against Oklahoma State University in less than two weeks.

Super Mario again came out of the rubble with a great game, scoring 22 for the Jayhawks in the 63-43 victory Thursday night. Super Mario was the only Jayhawk that scored in double digits, showing just how bad we were offensively. If the season ended tomorrow, Super Mario would have to be the Team's MVP, he has been the team's most consistent performer.

This isn't a game that drew national acclaim or even my entire interest, so no full on game recap, but our next game is in 2 days when we host Rhode Island. I'll do a game preview to that game, and hopefully will decide to turn off the bowl games and watch Super Mario and the boys play basketball.