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Big 12 Conference Preview (KSU, MU and NU)

As Missouri is playing in the Sun Bowl with 30 ticks left, they are trying to hold onto a 38-31 lead. Oregon State just scored a TD, but while they play football let's talk about Kansas State, Missouri and Nebraska and how they should fare in conference play.

Kansas State - Schedule
Bobby Huggins, a controversial hire to say the least, is doing a pretty darn good job with the Wildcat's program. They will get a big boost come conference season from F Bill Walker in addition to their 10-3 record so far, which should make them a very competitive team in conference play. They have showed they can play two different styles, winning ugly @ Rutgers one game 55-41 and coming back home the next game and defeating Tennessee Tech 101-79. The biggest win they have pulled off so far was @ USC, whom they beat 68-55. The Xavier Musketeers get a trip from the Wildcats on January 3rd as one more tuneup before they begin conference play @ Texas A&M.

Record Coming Into Conference Play: 11-3
Conference Record: 8-8
Final Record: 19-11 and NCAA At-large berth
Games Against Kansas: Feb. 7th @ Kansas, Feb. 19th @ Kansas State

Missouri - Schedule
Like Kansas State, the Tigers have a brand new coach in former UAB coach Mike Anderson. They were one of the last undefeated teams in Division 1 at 9-0, but have since lost two in a row to Purdue and Illinois. The best team they have beaten so far has to be Arkansas, which they dominated 86-64. They just suffered a heartbreaking 39-38 loss to Oregon State in the Sun Bowl, so I almost feel sorry for Tigers fans...almost. I think they could make the NCAA Tournament, but I didn't give them a good enough record to get all the way there. These are random guesses, so don't hate on me for having them go under .500 in conference play.

Record Coming Into Conference Play: 11-2
Conference Record: 7-9
Final Record: 18-11 (NIT Berth)
Games Against Kansas: Jan. 15th @ Kansas, Feb. 10th @ Missouri

Nebraska - Schedule
Nebraska just might be the worst team in the Big 12, but they did pull off an upset earlier this season by beating then #25 ranked Creighton. They are 8-3 so far this season with 3 more non-conference games @ Miami (FL), at home against Savannah State and at home against Western Kentucky. I still think they will majorly struggle in conference play, because the Big 12 is very deep this year.

Record Coming Into Conference Play: 10-4
Conference Record: 5-11
Final Record: 15-15
Games Against Kansas: Jan. 29th @ Kansas, Feb. 17th @ Nebraska

In review, I think that both Kansas State and Missouri will be NCAA Tournament contenders, with State sneaking in with the Tigers on the outside looking in. Nebraska should be competitive like always at home, but they will struggle in general.