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December 29th Bowl Games Open Thread

There are 5 bowl games today, the most so far this bowl season. We are getting dangerously close to January 1st and the January 1st bowls, I can't wait for the Rose Bowl among others. Today, the 5 bowls are:

1 EST (ESPN): Clemson vs. Kentucky
Pick: Clemson
2 EST (CBS): Missouri vs. Oregon State
Pick: Missouri
4:30 EST (ESPN): Houston vs. South Carolina
Pick: South Carolina
8 EST (ESPN): Maryland vs. Purdue
Pick: Maryland
8 EST (NFL Network): Texas Tech vs. Minnesota
Pick: Texas Tech

The Big 12 didn't fare too well yesterday, going 1-2 losing both of the late games in blowouts. Today, 2 Big 12 teams are playing (Missouri and Texas Tech) and both of those are winnable games, although Oregon State did have that upset of the Trojans of USC. I used to live in Kentucky, so while I hate Wildcat basketball I have a special place in my heart for Kentucky Football so I will be rooting for the Big Blue.

As a little sidenote, SB Nation has blogs for three of the schools, (Oregon State, Kentucky and Texas Tech) so visit those blogs for all gameday knowledge.