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Christmas Eve News and Notes

I'm still on the hook for my BC Game Review sometime today, but while I'm watching the NFL let's recap all of the happenings of the sports world.

First things first, Bobby Knight won his 879th game tying him with Dean Smith for most Divison I wins of all time. They defeated Bucknell (remember them?) 72-60 late last night. He will have a chance to surpass Dean Smith on Thursday night against the Runnin' Rebels of UNLV.

Next up, the NFL and the playoff picture. My beloved Chiefs, who won last night on the NFL Network 20-9, aren't sitting pretty and still need plenty of help. Right now I'm watching the Broncos-Bengals game rooting hard for the Broncs, as that would help our cause considerably.

Lastly, there were 3 college football bowl games last night, with another one coming today. In the Bowl, South Florida beat East Carolina 24-7. Yes, the same South Florida team that we beat 13-7 in our last non-conference football game. USF was on fire late in the season, even winning a game at West Virginia. The next bowl game, the New Mexico Bowl, had San Jose State beating New Mexico 20-12. This was a heartwarming story, as SJSU nearly gave the axe to their football program a couple of years ago. With this win they got to double digit wins, just a great season for the Spartans of San Jose State. Finally, Utah beat Tulsa 25-13 in the Armed Forces Bowl. This bowl used to be referred to as the Fort Worth Bowl, and was the Bowl that we dominated Houston last season. The Utes have now won 6 bowl games in a row, a very impressive number.

After my post later tonight regarding yesterday's bigtime win, I probably won't post until Thursday night when Detroit Mercy comes into town. It is Christmas season, and I will be busy for the beginning of next week.