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Jayhawks Dominate Boston College and Win 84-66

Well, the Kansas Jayhawks proved me wrong and made this a blowout game. I thought it would be a close game with our Jayhawks pulling out a tough one, but the Jayhawks proved me wrong by absolutely dominating the Eagles 84-66. We didn't completely shut down Dudley, but he managed only 14 points even while playing the entire 40 minutes. Sean Williams did dominate the paint, blocking 7 shots along with leading the Eagles with 19 points. Another key to the game was that their PG, Tyrese Rice, shot only 1-8 from behind the arc which is the biggest part of his game.

Regarding Kansas, Chalmers exploded for 22 points, 4 assits and 5 steals, a line that we should begin to be accustomed to. I think he is just waiting to emerge as the go to guy on this Jayhawk team, he will be our leader going down the stretch. Here are all of the other stats if you want to look at them. Rush had 15 and Julian Wright added 13 along with 12 boards.

I didn't get to watch this game as you all know, but from what I can tell it looked like the game we have been waiting for all season. We played very well against Florida, who by the way absolutley dominated Ohio State 86-60, but it wasn't as complete of a game that this game seemed to be. Anyone who went to Allen or at least watched the game on CBS feel free to comment up or make a diary about it.

A more in-depth review coming sometime tomorrow.