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Open Thread: Game #12 KU vs. Boston College

Today those of you lucky enough to see the game will see a good one. I really think that this game will be close throughout, but maybe I'm wrong. Like I noted yesterday, BC has yet to leave New England, so they might not play their best ball, at least in the first half. I think this game is similar to when we went on the road to Kentucky a couple years back for our first road game, a hostile crowd being our first game on the road. We won that game, with me in the stands, so BC might be able to pull of the same feat, although they probably aren't quite as good as we were that season.

3 Keys to the Game for BC
1. Get Dudley Involved Early and Often.
Dudley is their high scorer and team leader, so in order for them to win in the Fieldhouse he will need to put up 25+. He can score from just about everywhere, he shoots the 3, he posts up, he has a nice midrange jumper.
2. Dominate the Paint
Well, yesterday we talked about Sean Williams and his shotblocking abilities. He will need to continue that against the Jayhawks, because we love working the ball around and many times there is a guy wide open for a layup. At the very least, Williams needs to intimidate Kaun, Wright and Co.
3. Be a Road Warrior
The Eagles can't be affected by Allen Fieldhouse and the immense amount of noise that is created. This is the best opponent that has come into the Phog so far, so the students should be more than amped up for this game. They need to get off to a fast start and quiet the crowd early because if we get a lead early, they're in trouble.

3 Keys to the Game for KU
1. Stop Dudley
Dudley is their pulse, if we can contain him we should win this game. It is as simple as that. I would put Julian on him to start the game, simply because Julian is as tall and more athletic and can keep up with him. If that doesn't work, we might want to put Brandon Rush, because Rush is about 6'5" compared to Dudley's 6'7" frame, so there isn't a big advantage.
2. Get Brandon Rush Going
Rush has had 2 good games in a row against Toledo and Winston Salem State, but BC is on a different level than those two. He has struggled at times, especially against big time competition, so we need him to not disappear today.
3. Spread the Ball Around
Like we always do, the way to stop Shawn Williams from dominating is going to be spreading the ball out across the entire court. If we pass the ball inside, we will need to make another pass, away from Block Shot Extroadinare and get it in the hoop. As important as it is to get Rush going, the key to this year's team is how we spread out the points each and every game, and we need to continue to do that today.

Like I talked about yesterday, I won't be able to watch this game. I also need to do some holiday shopping today, and with the Chiefs game on later I need to go now. So I won't be here for this Open Thread, but for everyone who does decide to show up this is the thread regarding the BC game.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!