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Game Preview: Winston Salem State

Tonight the Jayhawks get what probably will be their easiest game of the season. After a 10 day layoff they almost get to continue that layoff, playing the 1-13 Winston Salem State Rams. Their one win was against basketball powerhouse Anderson College at home. They have played on the road against a couple of BCS conference schools, including Auburn (62-95), Notre Dame (45-90) and Georgetown (32-76) who they played on Saturday in their most recent action. Coach Bobby Collins is a first year coach after coaching at Hampton University (you might remember them from upsetting Iowa State a few years back as a #15 seed) for 4 seasons. Their scoring leader (Jamal Durham) is averaging only 9.8 points per contest. For the rest of the Rams' statistical leaders, visit this page.

Team statistics wise, they are averaging a paltry 54.1 points per game, I guess that is what happens when your leading scorer isn't even up to double figures. They are losing by an average of 19.3 points per, a figure that screams developing team. They have been outscored by 270 points this season (1027 to 757), partly because of their youth. They have 5 freshman, 3 sophomores, 3 juniors and 3 seniors. Stats can be found at the same page as up above.

One last note, they are not showing this game on Full Court so I will try and do my best to do an open thread following Game Cast, but depending on who shows up might just scrap it. It doesn't seem to be a close game at all, so not doing a real Open Thread shouldn't kill anyone.