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2006 Football Season Review: Passing Game

This is my first phase-by-phase look at our 2006 Kansas Jayhawks football team. We be looking at 5 different phases (Passing Offense, Rushing Offense, Passing Defense, Rushing Defense, Special Teams) of our team starting tonight with the passing offense. Here we go, first with little statistical blurbs about the quarterbacks and receivers and their stat sheets then moving intot he actual passing game in general.

Kerry Meier: 104-184 1193 yards 13 TD 10 INT
Adam Barmann: 82-150 811 yards 3 TD 6 INT
Todd Reesing: 14-24 204 yards 3 TD 3 INT
Kyle Tucker: 1-1 48 yards 0 TD 0 INT
Marcus Herford: 2-3 16 yards 0 TD 0 INT
TOTALS: 203-363 2372 yards 19 TD 19 INT

Wide Receivers
Brian Murph: 43 catches 467 yards 3 TD
Dexton Fields: 45 catches 455 yards 5 TD
Derek Fine: 28 catches 355 yards 5 TD
Marcus Henry: 25 catches 316 yards 3 TD
Jonathan Lamb: 14 catches 216 yards 0 TD
Jon Cornish: 24 catches 194 yards 1 TD
Marcus Herford: 8 catches 137 yards 1 TD
Jake Sharp: 6 catches 73 yards 0 TD
Brandon McAnderson: 6 catches 70 yards 0 TD
Aqib Talib: 1 catch 42 yards 1 TD
Jeff Foster: 1 catch 31 yards 0 TD
Dominic Roux: 1 catch 11 yards
Kerry Meier: 1 catch 5 yards
TOTALS: 203 catches 2372 yards 19 TD

Departing Quarterbacks: Adam Barmann

Returing Quarterbacks: Kerry Meier (R-Soph.), Todd Reesing (Soph.), Chance Farrall (Sr.) and Tyler Lawerence (Soph.)

Incoming Quarterbacks: Caleb Walter, Skylar Travis, A.J. Steward, Colin Howard, Matt Joshi, Steve Heiman, Jim Ebke and Charles Babb

Projected 2007 QB Starter and Main Backup:

  1. Kerry Meier
  2. Todd Reesing
Departing Wide Receivers: Jonathan Lamb, Brian Murph and Dominic Roux

Returning Wide Receivers: Matt Bouwie (Soph.), Michah Brown (Soph.), Dexton Fields (Jr.), Jeff Foster (Sr.), Marcus Henry (Sr.), Marcus Herford (Soph.), Tertavian Ingram (Soph.), Hassan Johnson (Sr.), Raimond Pendleton (Soph.), Reese Patty (Soph.), Xaiver Rambo (Soph.), Jack Swab (Soph.)

Incoming Wide Receivers: Devon Bailey, Ryan Broyles, Matt Donahue, Curenski Gilleyan, Ryan Murphy, Tim Richmond, Gil Roberts and Chris Tuck

Projected 2007 WR Starters

  1. Dexton Fields
  2. Marcus Henry
  3. Marcus Herford
Departing Tight Ends: NONE

Returning Tight Ends: Russell Brorsen (Jr.), Bradley Dedeaux (Soph.), Marc Dierking (Sr.), Derek Fine (Sr.), Marc Jones (Sr.), Matthew Matte (Soph.) and Derek Spears (Jr.)

Incoming Tight Ends: Scott Clipp and Jake Gdowski

Projected 2007 TE Starter and Main Backup:

  1. Derek Fine
  2. Marc Jones
Passing Game Rankings
Passing Yards: 2372 yards (61st)
Passing Yards Per Game: 197.7 yards per game(60th)

So we were almost exactly in the middle of the NCAA with our passing game, good but not great.

That is all about the passing game, next time we'll talk about Jon Cornish and the running game profiling the backfield and the offensive line.