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Two Football Recruits Sign

So for my first real post, some exciting news regarding next season's football team. Both Patrick Resby and Carmon Boyd-Anderson verbally comitted to the Jayhawks yesterday, despite receiving interest from more prominent football programs. Here is a brief look at each recruit:

Patrick Resby
A 6'2" safety from Houston, Texas is one of our solutions to one of the worst secondaries in college football. He played the last two seasons at Navarro Junior College in Corsicana, Texas which means that he will be a junior this upcoming season and help out our secondary right away. Iowa State, Texas A&M, Baylor, Hawaii and TCU all were interested in this 4 star recruit but only Iowa State was known to have offered him a scholarship. He is the 28th best JC recruit and 3rd best Safety according to Scout but only the 50th best JC prospect according to Rival. He will be in the battle for the starting Strong Safety position for next season's football team.

Carmon Boyd-Anderson
Boyd-Anderson is a more traditional, high school recruit meaning he will have the full 4 years of service time available to the Jayhawks and Coach Mangino. He is also the more exciting prospect, and may be the next Jon Cornish for the Jayhawks. His signing with us is a surprise around the recruiting trail, and almost all thought that it would at least take longer for us to convince him to become a Jayhawk. He is the 33rd best RB recruit according to Rivals but according to Scout he is only the 63rd best runningback. So, Scout is higher on Resby and lower on Boyd-Anderson and Rivals is the opposite. Other colleges were more inclined to Boyd-Anderson, as colleges such as Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas State and Oklahoma State all offering him scholarships. Still, the strong possibility he will get a chance to start sometime during his career is probably the reason we were chosen over the bigger programs. He is a big back, 6'1" and 200 pounds, but also pretty darn fast running a 4.5 in the 40 yard dash. Just that little description reminds me a lot of Jon Cornish, who is one of the better runningbacks in KU history, so let's hope that he is as good as he is someday. Here is a quote from Carmon, and by the looks of it we have a future star on our hands.

"You could say I'm a balanced running back. I have a lot of agility but I can go over people too. I can do a lot of different things on the field." -- Jacksonville running back Carmon Boyd-Anderson.