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Rock Chalk Talk Has Arrived

My name is Cory and I am the newest blogger for the SB Nation community. I have been a Jayhawks fan all of my life, a true diehard fan. I might rant a little bit from time to time, it is all in good fun though and I will never seriously lose it (hopefully). I am also a diehard Chiefs and Royals fan, and will occasionally mention them in this blog. Hopefully, because there really isn't a whole lot of Jayhawks' blogs out there, this will be a daily stop as I will try to post every day.

I will post mainly about the two sports I care most about, basketball and football, but will occasionally drop a line about other sports. There is very limited news on these sports though, so I can only report so much. I will try and do Open Threads for as many games as possible, but because I live in CA I don't see many Jayhawks' football games. I will be able to do them for basketball because I have ESPN Full Court, but I'm not promising anything. Still, I will do my best to bring forth the best Jayhawks' material.

That's enough talk for right now, check back later today for more info.