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NCAA Tournament: Day Four


Here is your Open Game Thread for the rest of the day's action. Three games already finished (Xavier, Kansas, Syracuse winners), with two currently in action and three to come. Three to come: (3) Missouri vs. (6) Marquette (1) Louisville vs. (9) Siena (2) Michigan State vs. (10) USC Comment away, folks.

NCAA Tournament: Day Three


The first tickets to the Sweet 16 are about to be punched. Here is the game schedule: (3) Villanovs vs. (6) UCLA -- 1:10 EST (2) Memphis vs. (10) Maryland -- 3:20 EST (1) Connecticut vs. (9) Texas A&M -- 3:35 EST (4) Washington vs. (5) Purdue -- 5:40 EST (1) North Carolina vs. (8) LSU -- 5:45 EST (2) Oklahoma vs. (10) Michigan -- 5:50 EST (4) Gonzaga vs. (12) Western Kentucky -- 8:10 EST (2) Duke vs. (7) Texas -- 8:15 EST I'll be here...

NCAA Tournament: Day Two - Evening Session


Here is your Open Game Thread for the remaining 8 games in the First Round. For the most part, it's been rather calm, without any buzzer-beaters or huge upsets. OSU-Tenn was close, and ETSU's near upset of Pitt was enjoyable, but I want the real thing. Here are Your Games: All Times Eastern Standard Time... (5) Utah vs. (12) Arizona -- (7:10) Midwest (1) Louisville vs. (16) Morehead State -- (7:10) Midwest (7) Boston College vs. (12) USC -- (7:20) Midwest (4) Xavier vs. (13) Portland State -- (7:25) East (4) Wake Forest vs. (13) Cleveland State -- (9:40) Midwest (8) Ohio State vs. (9) Siena -- (9:40) Midwest (2) Michigan State vs. (15) Robert Morris -- (9:40) Midwest (5) Florida State vs. (12) Wisconsin -- (9:45) East

NCAA Tournament: Day Two - Afternoon Session


Here is your Open Game Thread for the remaining 4 games of the Afternoon Session. There will be another thread for the 8 Evening Session Games: Times are all Eastern Standard Time... (6) Arizona State vs. (11) Temple -- (2:40) South (6) West Virginia vs. (11) Dayton -- (3:04) Midwest (1) Pittsburgh vs. (16) East Tennessee State (3:05) East (3) Missouri vs. (14) Cornell -- (3:10) West

NCAA Tournament: Day One - Evening Session


A meager opening to the 2009 edition of the NCAA Tournament in the morning, hopefully the evening will provide us more excitement. Cal State Northridge's near upset of Memphis was the highlight of...

NCAA Tournament: Day One - Afternoon Session


Finally! It's here! The NCAA Tournament is kicking off, at long last, this morning. In only a little over an hour, actually. I'm so pumped. Really, it's probably a good thing that Kansas doesn't...

Selection Sunday: Open Game Thread


Here. We. Go. The mission for a 3-seed will be determined a success or failure in about an hour. But, more imporantly, we get to see our matchup, our half of the bracket, all of the good stuff. B...

Big 12 Tournament: Day One


Finally. The Big 12 Tournament. Here is your Open Game Thread for all four games, although Overflow Threads are always an option if necessary. This should also be used for all other Championship...


OGT Roll Call: vs. Texas

With Warden actually getting to step foot into Allen Field House, two things happened. One, he obviously didn't win the MVP Award for the kajillionth time, as he was partaking in the...

Championship Week -- Day Four


An open thread for all things Championship Week.

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