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Big 12 Tournament: Day One


Finally. The Big 12 Tournament. Here is your Open Game Thread for all four games, although Overflow Threads are always an option if necessary. This should also be used for all other Championship...


OGT Roll Call: vs. Texas

With Warden actually getting to step foot into Allen Field House, two things happened. One, he obviously didn't win the MVP Award for the kajillionth time, as he was partaking in the...

Open Game Thread :: Texas @ #9 Kansas :: Thread Two


Well, that was quite bad, for the first 19 minutes. And then, all of a sudden, it wasn't bad anymore. A quick, 7-0 run to close it out, and we have all of the momentum. I actually think we're in...

Championship Week -- Day Four


An open thread for all things Championship Week.

Championship Week -- Day Three


Note: Yes, this is the first day we're doing this, but it's the third day of Championship Week, so we're sticking with Day Three. Live with it, mmmkay? We are upon the greatest month of the year....

Open Game Thread :: #9 Kansas @ Texas Tech :: Thread Two


We're playing terrible, particularly Sherron. They are hitting everything from three, particularly Voskuil. It shouldn't be this close. Just show up in the second half, and we should be fine,...

Open Game Thread :: #11 Missouri @ #15 Kansas :: Overflow Thread


Halftime. This is your new thread, to use for the second half and all postagme interactions. I'm not here, so I can't really say anything about the game right now, but what I can tell you is that...


OGT Roll Call: vs. Iowa State

Not a tremendous effort, but given the circumstances, a fine performance. I was late, then was non-existent the last 5 minutes. Denver destroyed his laptop with water, which didn't help. And KC was...


OGT Roll Call: vs. Oklahoma State

Damn. Can't believe I forgot about this. Just shows how much I was looking towards KU-MU. Here are the stats; no fancy-pants introduction. Danny Satan (is that why you wanted it?...haha) was the...


OGT Roll Call: @ Missouri

Yuck. The game recap will be a day delayed; I just can't quite recover. What's funny, is that I went in almost expecting a loss, and aren't disappointed that we lost. But, just like the Syracuse...

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