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Baylor Hypocrites!

Baylor's newfound fondness for "Texas Football Legacies" (see the school's homepage, linked above) is eyewatering hypocrisy. Where was Baylor in 1994 when four Texas schools got kicked to the curb, their football legacies be damned? Baylor ought to be ashamed of itself for such baldfaced hypocrisy; should the Bears be left behind in the coming realignment, I say it's the wages of sin. Eat it, Bears. We've been living in the wilderness for 17 years; now it's your turn.

Landry Jones On The O'Brien Watch List

Big 12 quarterbacks have won the award six times since 2001, but BYU is the all-time, single-school leader, with four winners. Oklahoma leads the Big 12 with three, including Sam Bradford in 2008. Texas is the only other Big 12 school with multiple winners after Colt McCoy gave the Longhorns a second O'Brien Award last season. Here's who the O'Brien voters will be watching in the backfield from the Big 12 this season: * Blaine Gabbert, Missouri * Robert Griffin III, Baylor * Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M * Landry Jones, Oklahoma * Taylor Potts, Texas Tech

T. Boone's Money Could Haunt Gundy

When he pumped nearly $250 million into OSU's football program, Pickens' gift came with only two stipulations. He requested the upgraded facilities to be the best available, and the Pokes must win a Big 12 Conference championship before he heads to that big board room in the sky. "We have to move fast, because I want to see it," Pickens told me last summer. "I don't want them plugging away and doing a good job, and I (die) and five years later they've got a championship team. I want it as soon as we can get it." Pickens genuinely admires how Leach turned Texas Tech into a consistent winner. That included some victories over Oklahoma and Texas, schools that Gundy has gone a combined 0-10 against in his five seasons at OSU. The stunning hire of Holgorsen last January set off all kinds of bells and whistles. The addition of the former offensive coordinator at Tech and Houston (which won at OSU last season) came two days after Gundy told the Tulsa World that nothing would change offensively in 2010, including him calling the plays.

Does everyone remember this?

While it doesn't really mean anything because the roof can be closed at Jerry World, I found it ironic that Dallas was hit with snow this week and the gametime temperature is forecast to be 35 (it's supposed to be 36 in Kansas City at gametime). Also, a portion of Texas was hit with blizzard conditions on Thursday; just imagine if such a storm had hit Friday night/Saturday morning. Again, with the roof closed, it won't affect the game. But I sure am happy we are thinking about moving the championship game permanently to a weather paradise such as Dallas. Have fun tailgating today, Texas fans!

Eliminate the Big 12 North?

From Upon Further Review at the KC Star. The North is 8-61 vs Tx and OU since 1998. That's pretty bad. However, I also wonder how the other 4 teams in the south do against Tx and OU. Can't be much better, can it?

From Double T Nation: Quantifying who in the Big 12 gets the most (and least) out of their recruits

Texas Tech fan techtom4 devised a system to determine, using Rivals' star rankings, how Big 12 teams have performed since 2002 based on their total wins and conference wins as compared to their recruiting rankings. Definitely worth a look.

Maxim's 10 Worst BCS Football Teams

9. Baylor 8. A&M 4. Iowa State 1. Syracuse (Where's K-State?)

Big 12 Coaches Stand Against Texas

"The tiebreaker system we had was felt, by the majority of coaches, to be appropriate to what we want to accomplish," commissioner Dan Beebe said.

ESPN - Things to watch for in the Big 12 on Saturday

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin hasn't thrown a pick in 155 attempts? That's pretty impressive for a freshman. Hopefully we can cause him plenty of grief tomorrow.

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