Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 8.8.13


Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 8.8.13

Kansas Football

Weis: KU football's juco reinforcements ready for first practices | KUsports.com

Glad to see all these guys ready. I hadn't realized that juco transfers had issues with getting to camp on time though.

Stealing the Cliff's notes: Charlie Weis' press conference | KUsports.com

Gotta love the "post what everyone else says so I don't have to put together my own thoughts" kind of article. Maybe I should change my profession to journalism, seems like I would fit right in.

Weis: Transfer WR Nick Harwell to red-shirt | KUsports.com

Unfortunately, I kind of expected this. Should be good for next year though.

Kansas City Star : His roster fortified, Kansas’ Charlie Weis ready to end the futility

I sure hope being ready and actually doing it go hand in hand this year...

Big 12 2013 recruiting class rankings - ESPN

Insider piece, but the important part is in the preview. Not surprised we are viewed as sliding. I'm sure Weis will nail down a good recruiting class.

KU pinning its hopes on juco transfers like Sendish - KansasCity.com

I love hearing "origins" stories on our guys.

Kansas Basketball

Self clarifies comments on NBA coaching possibility | KUsports.com

And here we come fill circle. Coach makes comment, comment blown out of context, wild speculation ensues, coach clarifies comment. Now it's time to take the clarification out of context and repeat all over again.

KU to appear four times on ESPN's Big Monday | KUsports.com

I know this was covered on RCT, but it got lots of pub elsewhere too.

Kansas City Star : ESPN’s Big Monday likes KU, K-State

Got to love how the Star tries to make K-State fans feel relevant. The only two games they play on Big Monday are against KU and OSU.

3-point shot: Hoyas' creative schedule - Men's College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

Actually looking forward to the ACC being the lead in this year. They tend to finish game much quicker than the Big East did. And Georgetown does have an insane schedule.


TCU coach Gary Patterson not a fan of LSU voting on discipline - ESPN Dallas

Lawsuit against Mike Gundy over Oklahoma Sooners T-shirt dismissed - ESPN

Offseason assumptions not wise - Men's College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

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