Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.18.13

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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.18.13

Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.18.13

Programming Note:  I will be at a field tomorrow morning with limited to no cell service. As such, I likely will not be able to put the open thread and news and notes together.  Unless one of the other writers can do it, feel free to continue today's discussions in the morning here.

Kansas Football

Game preview: Oklahoma Sooners at Kansas Jayhawks - ESPN

I agree that the overall outcome of the game is going to depend on what Oklahoma does rather than us. But whether the game will be watch-able or not will be entirely up to us.

Kansas safety Dexter Linton focuses on tackling | KUsports.com

Glad to see he was able to identify and improve so drastically on an area of weakness.

What to watch in the Big 12 in Week 8 - ESPN

All I want to see is some improvement.

Opinion: Kansas football offense to learn if less is more | KUsports.com

So either the position coaches are entirely incompetent, and can't teach these players the basics of routes, or the players can't speak up when things are coming at them too fast.  I'm a little concerned it took HCCW this long to realize that having a few really well executed routes is better than a lot of half-assed ones.

Jayhawk Flashback: Oklahoma, 10/4/97 | The Newell Post | KUsports.com

This just depressed me.  The fact that we are in a worse spot from when this was originally written is extremely disheartening.

Kansas Basketball

Just cause: ‘Ladies’ event serves as fundraiser | KUsports.com

Would love to see this "second Late Night" packed. I mean how awesome would it be to send that message to recruits?

KU men's basketball No. 6 in USA Today preseason coaches poll | KUsports.com

Expected to be a bit higher, but that's probably just the homer in me.


KU swimmers fall to TCU | KUsports.com

KU Mailbag: Naadir Tharpe’s role, falling football attendance and the Big 12 losing streak - KansasCity.com

College Football Playoff selection committee principles seem sound - College Football - Stewart Mandel - SI.com

Will ACC be the best college basketball conference ever? | One And One - SI.com

After another incident in postseason, future of 'neighborhood play' in doubt via replay system | The Strike Zone - SI.com

The seeds, the playoffs, the draw and everything to come on the road to the World Cup | Planet Futbol - SI.com

Case Keenum will start at QB for Houston Texans against Kansas City Chiefs | Audibles - SI.com

Report: Grambling State to play Saturday despite players' no-show at practice | Campus Union - SI.com

Three and Out: No. 10 Miami escapes North Carolina to remain unbeaten | Campus Union - SI.com

Former KU football player sentenced to 3 years probation for May armed robbery | KUsports.com

Ridiculous Story of the Day:

Wal-Mart worker: Fired for helping assaulted woman - KansasCity.com

Apparently defending yourself can get you fired.  The headline is bad enough, but when you realize that he only asked the woman if she needed help before he was assaulted himself, Walmart's decision looks even worse.

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