SBNation: "Meet the Bag Man" about payouts in college recruiting

Taken with a grain of salt, I'm sure, but interesting nonetheless. Question 1, is this really happening? Question 2, is it happening with KU basketball and/or football? "'If we're after a guy, what are the chances four more schools in the SEC aren't after him too? What you want more than anything else is the ability to sit down with that decision-maker, grandma or mama or the uncle, right before the time comes and say, "Hey, we know that old so-and-so from [rival school] has come to see you. That's fine. But we know you know who's been here since the beginning and who's been taking care of you." You want them to believe that you'll take care of them the best in the future, too.' Remember, your job as a bag man isn't to hide the benefit. It's to hide the proof. In a region as passionate about college football as the American South, there's no real moral outrage when new cars or clothes or jobs for relatives appear."

Big gain over the weekend

but no reporting of it, or did I completely miss it. ESPN also lists him as committed, though they refer to him as a RB and Rivals as an athlete. Either way, looks like someone you want on the field.

OT margin - meaningful, but less so than regulation margin

As Kenpom says in the post, sort of what you'd expect. Predicting the relative quality of the opponents using OT margin of one meeting is better than assuming they were equals, but not as predictive as typical games that end in regulation.

Help FHOFNCHCBS Win the Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge

Voting in the first round ends Saturday night. Come back every day to help push him into the next round!


"Standing on the sideline with Sheahon Zenger at the end of the game, I (Kevin Haskin) realized, again, the Kansas AD does care. And he does believe in Charlie Weis. Those sound like mutually exclusive matters, but when you hire the coach, that’s not the case. I touched on KU’s flaws, I mentioned the receivers. Zenger said he might be coaching them next season. I laughed. He didn’t." Makes it even less surprising that Ianello is applying for other coaching positions.

Best class ever?

So last year's UK class was widely regarded as the best ever. This year, Duke's class has taken off with recent commits. But when KU wins #10 and #6, if Embiid and/or Ellis plus Selden decides to leave early resulting in Turner and Vaughn committing for a class of #2 Myles Turner C #3 Cliff Alexander PF #10 Kelly Oubre SF #17 Rashad Vaughn SG It would certainly seem to top Duke this year, but how would it rank against UK & KU v.'13 or others?

Good Match-up, week 2?

While reading this article, it seems that this might be a good match-up for KU for a second week in a row for fairly different reasons. Unfortunately, it is really late after a busy day with another one to come. Thought I'd through this out there to see if you guys who know more about football have thoughts on this. Thanks.

UNLV, Kansas agree to home-and-home series

Starting in 2014-15 UNLV will travel to Kansas, and a return trip to Las Vegas Will be in 2016-17 season.

I think I've become a Utah fan.

The Utah basketball coach catches 2 different thieves in 2 weeks. Cool part is he wrote a check for $1,000 to the manager for helping nab one of the thieves. That's a nice thank you.

The Morris Brothers In Beverly Hills (Photo)

An original photo of Markieff and Marcus Morris, captured last week at NIKETOWN Los Angeles.

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