Musical Crossroads: "You Down With OTT?"

Okay, we are switching it up once again. We're going to have a little fun competition involving a 'crossroads' of our favorite musical artists. Here's how it will work.

I don't know if you've ever seen the show CMT Crossroads, but they typically have a jam-sesh with a country artist and a non-country artist that he/she/they like. The show has had on the likes of Def Leppard with Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire, Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers, John Mayer and Brad Paisley, and so on and so forth.

We're going to do a bit of that today, and then on Thursday we're going to vote on the best (and worst) crossroad combinations. So, here are some of the 'rules' to get you started.

Pick the best 'crossroads' combination you can think of -- two artists from different genres that YOU would like to see perform together. It doesn't have to be a country artist with a non-country artist (those were just as examples).

It does have to be a cross-genre mix, though. Now, pick one of Artist A's songs that you would like to see Artist B sing with them and vice versa. Now, you should have two artists and one of each of their songs. Now, pick a third song by Artist C (just a random third party, can be anyone you want), that you want Artists A and B to cover together.

For instance, using one of the examples from the CMT Crossroads given above:

Def Leppard sings their song Photograph with Taylor Swift; Swift sings her song Love Story with Def Leppard; and then together they sing a cover of Mm-Bop (by Hanson).... I don't know I'm just giving you an example.

Okay, that's the first and hardest step.

If you want, you can come up with two other crossroads pairs. One pair can be a weird "underdog" combination -- like maybe it would work, but maybe it wouldn't. Then have another pair that would never work ever ... just for fun. Don't worry about coming up with song choices for them; just work on finding the weirdest and the worst combinations you can think of.

A few caveats:

  • Try to pick more well-known artists. The more recognizable they are, the less chance people will have to look up your choices when we do the voting. Remember, some of us (ie, me) don't listen to weird non-mainstream musical artists like The Cranberries Are Knocking On Death's Door or whatever people are naming their weird indie hippie alternative bands nowadays. And no, Grad, the Bow Tie Affair does not count.
  • You cannot use who I call "The Four Kings" -- Elvis, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, or Michael Jackson. It'd be too hard to do "cross-genre" lines, and too easy to do considering how influential they've been to other artists.
  • Other than The Four Kings, you can pick any (more well-known) musical artist -- dead or alive. But don't use the same artist more than once in your combinations.
  • Remember, your crossroad pair cannot be from the same genre. So, you can't do Toby Keith with Alan Jackson; or Usher and T-Pain. It's too easy, and if those artists are still alive, they've probably performed together before. Try to pick artists that you think would probably never have the chance to perform together, but if they did it would be Super Special Awesome!
  • If you want, you can include YouTube links on your song choices for your first crossroads pair.
  • Again, keep checking back on this page later in the week, because -- as I said earlier -- we will be voting on the best, weirdest, and wort combinations. (It'll probably be Thursday by the time I get around to it.)
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